Developed for the Fantastic Arcade Duplicade Jam Thingymabobby

A simple top-down shooter for two players. Player 1 (PINK) and Player 2 (LIME) compete to score the most points in 30 seconds and thus confirm their superiority as the best twin. Such is the life of pallete swap bunnies, always feuding about the tiniest of things.

Score points by shooting the monsters (RED) and collecting the carrots (ORANGE). Shoot the other player to physically push them around. If you touch a monster, you can't shoot for a little while.

Player One Controls: WASD + SPACE
Player Two Controls: Arrow Keys + ENTER
(Sorry for the lack of gamepad support, Fantastic Arcade is just too hip for Xinput.)

...that's pretty much all you need to know. This isn't very complicated. Sorry. Not everything has to be dark musings about man's inhumanity to man, yaknow.

Code, pixels and sound editing by The Kins

Music by Wyver9

Developed using Construct 2

Thanks go to Destra, Shadsy and the rest...


Download 29 MB

Install instructions

Stuff in a folder somewhere and run rabbotron.exe

After the game is over, the game will automatically exit.

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